Senior Spotlight: Chase Murray

Activities: On Team USA billiards pool team. Hunter and fisherman..

Fun Facts About Yourself: Always helping others in need.

Favorite High School Memory: When he helped out in the Special Eduction Room.

Shoutout To Any Teachers: Mr Mattey- For always supporting me, and always have been there for me.

Advice To Upcoming Seniors: Work hard to get those good grades, be kind and respectful and remember to have fun.

Future Plans: Going to school to be a sport broadcaster.

Chase works very hard at everything he does even if he doesn’t succeed the first time. He’s a sports fanatic, and if you ever need to know what quarterback from the 80’s that had exactly three touchdown passes in the game against the Bills, he’s your guy. Chase is an amazing example of what a role model should look like. He stand up and is the voice to those who needs help. Chase also cares lot about his future, family, friends, and complete strangers. He might not always be the most popular but he sure is the most loyal.

Everyone From UHS is wishing you a good rest of your senior year, and a wonderful life outside of these brick walls.

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