Senior Spotlight: Cooper Waligura

Activities: Marching/Concert/Pep bands, Drama club, Bowler at Manor Lanes Bowling, Hopwood PA, singer, and cyclist

Future plans: I am attending Johnson county college in Kansas City Missouri to study the Railroad, as well as train to become a conductor.

Fun fact: I have bowled 7 perfect 300 games in my lifetime 🎳

Favorite quote: “Be you, no one can do it better.” – Jason Belmonte the worlds best 10 pin bowler

Advice for up coming seniors: Don’t fall behind in your classes and work, as well as enjoy this year as much as possible, you are at the peak of your teen lives, enjoy the view while you’re up there.

Thoughts on senior year ending so  abruptly: I didn’t really know that it would have been this bad this soon. I walked into school on March 12th 2020 like it was a normal day, having no idea that it would be my last. I got to first period and I heard the news about the baseball trips being cancelled and was like “huh that’s odd”. The opening show for the musical was this night! So I go through the day and do the preview for the show. I go home afterwards to come back to the school to start getting ready for the show and Mr Wilson my director and teacher says to me and a few others that the show was cancelled for the last two nights which crushed me and my friends. I didn’t sleep that night due to the fact that how horrible that news was sitting in my stomach. Lots of tears and mental breakdowns the next morning. I didn’t end up going to school because I emotionally couldn’t, and that was my last day of high school. I had no idea.

Shout outs/Thank you’s:
Mom & Dad: Thank you for being amazing people and giving me every I could have ever dreamed of having, and thank you so much for dealing with my sad self for 3 weeks after all of this has happened, you guys mean everything to me.
Mr Wilson: thank you for letting me come to your room during lunch everyday and talk about the musical and just horse around, lots of fun that I will miss for ever. Thank you for giving me the confidence to rock that stage after such terrible news that night, I’m gonna miss you a lot.
Mr Durso: Thank you for putting up with my ridiculous personality for 6 months after school everyday for 2 hours For 4 years straight, you’ve built me into the character on stage that I will be for the rest of my life, thank you so much and I will miss you as well.
My band and drama family:Live the legacies that I know you have in yourselves, I hope to see you guys on that field and stage once this is all over I love every single one of you guys, don’t stop!

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