Senior Spotlight: John Harim

Activities:  Baseball, Swim, and Football

Future Plans:  Attend Bethany College, where I plan to study Business Administration, with a major in Accounting.  I would also plan to play baseball and football.  

Fun Fact: I’ve played baseball for as long as I can remember.  

Advice to upcoming Seniors: “Embrace the time you have in high school because in a blink  of an eye, it will be all over.”

Thoughts on senior year ending so abruptly: “Terrible!  It is what it is and there is nothing you can do to change it. “

Shout Outs/Thank You’s: “My parents for always believing in me no matter what I did.  Always supporting me and making me think about what I’m doing and the impact on my future.  My grandparents for all the support they show when they came to watch me play baseball over the years.   My brothers for trying to keep me straight.  My aunts and uncles for the support they have provided over the years.”

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