Senior Spotlight: Kara Rishel

Kara Rishel a Seinor at Uniontown Area High school, Kara previously attended Wharton Elementary school as well as AJ McMullen Middle School. Kara also attends the Fayette County Career and Technical institute for Health Occupations.

Activities: Kara has participated in a few activites in her school years, When she was younger she played softball for MABL. She also did volunteer work for a camp for girls who have lost a parent. While she was at the camp she also became a counselor. She participated in Health Occupations at the Fayette CTI.

Future Plans: Kara Will be attending Laurel Business Institute (LBI) for Respiratory Therapy.

Favorite quote: “Life is tough, but so are you.”

Fun Fact: Kara has a tendency to creep people out with her fingers by the way they bend.

Advice to Upcoming seniors: “Enjoy it while you can, Have fun and experience new things.”

Thoughts on senior year ending: “It sucks, yeah, but our class has been through a lot with all of this happening and I believe this will make us stronger and better in life.”

Shout outs/Thank yous:

Thank you dad you have always had my back no matter what you have always pushed me to do my my best even when the worst has come to us.”

Thank you to Mr. Knee for always knowing I was capable of doing more than I thought I was.”

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