Senior Spotlight: Niani Reyes

Future Plans: She will attend Robert Morris University, but major is undecided

Activities: She played volleyball for two years, participated in the Uniontown Area High School Marching Band for four years, and played the clarinet

Favorite Quote: “You’re the writer of your own story, don’t let one bad chapter turn it into a scary one.”

Fun Fact: She is full of useless facts that no one should actually know.

Advice for Upcoming Seniors: “Have fun! Don’t be dumb, but relax you’re practically done.”

Thoughts on Senior Year Ending Abruptly: “It sucks, but at least I got to enjoy the time we were there.”

Thank You’s: Thank you to all the friends who supported me and all my dumb decisions. You guys really made an impact and I hope we all stay in touch. Also thank you to all the families I had in high school. I know raising me wasn’t easy, but at least you all gave me something to help better myself in the future! Lastly, I want to say thank you to all the teacher. Especially Mrs. Colebank, thank you for all you’ve done for me since sophomore year.

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