Senior Spotlight: Philisity RayAnn Varndell

Activities: Swim team, Softball recreational league, National Technical Honors Society member and Vice President, SkillsUSA member, FCCTI student council, Culinary Arts president

Future Plans: I will be attending Westmoreland County Community College in the fall of 2020. I will attend an apprenticeship program with Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and earn an associates degree in Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry. I eventually want to open my own bakery/coffee house. I would also like to teach Culinary Arts at a Technical school some day.

Fun Fact: My sisters and I share the same middle name and we all have the same initials as our dad. (P.R.V) Our middle name is a combination of my dad and moms middle names. Our dads middle name is Raymond and our moms middle name Ann. (RayAnn)

Favorite Quote: “Push through the pain to find the glory.” – Unknown. My Culinary Arts teacher, Chef Harhai shared this with me.

Advice to upcoming Seniors: “Have a plan for after you graduate because the school year flies by fast.”

Thoughts on senior year ending so abruptly: “I was disappointed when I heard this year was going to be cut short. I’m especially going to miss Fayette County CTI. I competed in SkillsUSA and got first place in Commercial Baking. I was supposed to compete at state level but it was cancelled due to Covid 19.

Shout Outs/Thank you’s:

  • Mom and Dad – Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for never letting me give up and for helping me push through the hard times. You have shown me that I can do anything and everything in life.
  • Chef Harhai – You showed me I was better than I thought I was. You pushed me further than I thought I could go. You have been an amazing teacher and mentor both in and out of the kitchen. Thank you for being there for me through the good and difficult times.
  • Aunt Bobbi – Thank you for being there for me. You have given me more rides before and after sports practices/games than I can count. Thank you for being my personal math tutor since middle school, and thank you in advance because I will most likely need your help in college too!
  • Nunna & PapPap – Thank you guys for all of the rides before and after sports games/practices. Thank you for always giving me a second home.
  • The list goes on forever. Thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout the years. family, teachers, friends, coworker, etc.


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