Senior Spotlight: Rickie Bryner

Rickie Bryner is a Senior at Uniontown Area High School. She attended Franklin  Elementary and  Lafayette Middle School.  Rickie competes at the advanced equestrian riding level 

Rickie favorite quote is Stay strong, stay positive and never give up. A funny fact that she tells everyone is 7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Regarding the current situation of the world, Rickie is upset about about having to finish senior year online. Rickie is use to helping her brothers on PA Cyber so she’s kinda use to it. I’m sad I won’t be able to finish my last year of high school with my friends but I would rather everyone else be safe and make sure their families are healthy.  Not only do I have school to worry about but I have my family and my horses.

Nevertheless, Rickie  is excited to attend college and compete on an equestrian team for her school.

My advice for upcoming senior is to live everyday as if it was your last walk into the high school, don’t take anything for granted.

I would like to thank all the teachers at Uniontown Area School District for making the high school experience one to remember. You guys made it fun. 

Mrs.Colebank thank you for being my school mom for the past four years and always helping me when I need it. 

To the principles thank you for always making sure your students are safe and the school is safe the year wouldn’t have ran smoothly without you guys.

Mom and dad thank you so much for pushing me all the way of my 12 years of schooling. I can’t wait to see your faces when I walk across stage and get that diploma.  Thank you for helping me balance my school, my family, and what I love to do the most ride horses I couldn’t have made it through the 12 years without you guys. To all my brothers and sisters when times get rough you guys didn’t give up on me and you kept pushing me through. I want to wish my sister Libby Bryner a good senior year.


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