Senior Spotlight: Seneca Hager

Seneca Hager is a Senior at Uniontown Area High School, Seneca Formally attended Wharton Elementary School and AJ McMullen Middle School. Seneca also attends The Fayette County Career and Technical Institute for Information Technology (IT). Seneca has always had a love for computers which pushed her forward into joining IT at the Fayette CTI. Seneca is also trying really hard to get her PC Pro certification which she plans on receiving at the end of the school year.

Activities: Seneca was the president of her IT class her senior year, Seneca was also a part of PartnerUp her senior year. She participated in a lot of church activities at United Mountain Christian Fellowship. She was a youth group member since 2013 and taught VBS for four years. Seneca was part of Biology club her senior year. Seneca was a Girl Scout for 10 years from 2008 to 2018 . Most of the activities Seneca did however was community service projects, whether it be at her Church or just in her community.

Future Plans: Seneca Plans On using her skills that she learned at the Faytte CTI, to continue on into the IT field.

Fun Fact: Seneca won the Challenge Program Award for Community Service!

Favorite Quote: “Postive Vibes Only” “Whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely and commendable, if there is any excellence and worthy of praise think about these things. What you have learned, received, heard and seen in me practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you ~Philippians 4:8-9″

Advice to Upcoming Seniors: “This is your time to shine, don’t let things get in the way of your happiness and success. Just be yourself, don’t try and be someone that your not. Strive to be who you are!”

Thoughts on Senior year ending so abruptly: “Of course I’m a little sad I don’t get to experience those final moments. I really miss the Fayette CTI. They have been so supportive for me since Day 1. Overall I’m not to upset because I’ve been needing some time to myself to figure everything out and by ending early and doing school online it has allowed me to take a mental break and have time for myself.”

Shout out’s and Thank you’s:

  • “I’d like to first give a shout out to my Dad and My Mom and my Family, for still loving and supporting me my whole life even through some stressful times. But they’ve always manged to help me get back on my feet, I also want thank you for making me into who I am today. Thank you so much I love you guys.”
  • “I’d like to give a Major shout out to my IT Teacher Mrs. Dean. She helped me learn a lot of my skills in IT the past 3 years. She’s helped me learn new experiences about the real world and she helped me through a lot in school. Thank you Mrs. Dean for being the best Teacher I’ve ever had. I can’t thank you enough Mrs. Dean! Also a huge thank you to the rest of the Fayette CTI staff who was there for me and encouraging me. I’m going to miss the CTI and I’ll be back to visit!”
  • “I’d Like to thank my Best friends: Shayna, Jason, Mickiah, Zay, and Amber. You guys have been there with me through thick and thin. though the happy times and the rough times. Shayna thanks for being with me for the past 13 Years! As for Mickiah, Zay, and Amber thank you for sticking with me through high school! You all have been amazing friends! Jason, I know we’ve only been in each others lives for about seven months but thank you for still continuing to be in my life and supporting me through some crazy times! Thank you for encouraging me to push forward in my school work and who I am as well!”
  • “Lastly to all the teachers I’ve had throughout my years, whether it be at Wharton, AJ, or the high school. I’d like to say thank you for appreciating me and encouraging me to do my best work. I’ve had some great memories thanks to you.”

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