Senior Spotlight: Taliah Ford

Activities: Take pictures, watching TV, drawing, and making videos.

Future Plans: To Graduate and get a job, probably go to college for hair and nails.

Fun Fact About Yourself: Love children and love to 🎤 and like drawing love being around family and friends.

Favorite Quote: My favorite quote is to senior year the best thing ever happened to me.

Thoughts on your social distanced senior year: I think that is was frustrating because it hard to talk to teachers and classmates when we can’t be close to each other.

Advice to upcoming Seniors: Work hard and participate in activities and be on time and you will accomplish your goals.

Shout Outs & Thank You’s: Thank you Mr. Brain you helped me a lot during my four years of high school. Thank you for pushing me to do better. My home teachers Mrs Tamara she helped and pushed me to do my best. She is a great teacher and she helped me to stay on task. Mrs. Marci was there since l was a freshman and everything was new to me. She helped me to get me out of my comfort zone and start new things. Thank you to the principals as well.


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