Senior Spotlight: Tommy Alvarez Jr.

Tommy Alvarez Jr. is a graduating senior at Uniontown area High school. Tommy previously attended Fivay High School and Gulf High School.

Activities: In school Tommy ran track, but outside of school Tommy likes to skate, do Crossfit and calisthenics. Tommy loves to draw and paint and is also a musician.

Future Plans: Tommy plans on joining the Air Force, make music and travel the world.

Fun Fact: Scotland has 421 words for snow

Favorite Quote: “Darkness is nothing to fear. Life is born from the darkness of the womb, creation is made manifest from the void, and seeds grow from the darkness of the ground. Darkness is the place from which your dreams are born, where stars can shine, and life is created. Who taught you to be scared of the dark? Perhaps it is not the darkness that you truly fear, but what you project into the darkness.”

Advice to upcoming seniors: “Don’t hesitate to say what’s on your mind.”

Thoughts on senior year ending so abruptly: “I’m fine with it, I probably should care more, but I don’t”

Shout Outs/Thank You’s: “Thankful for family and friends”

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