Senior Spotlight: Ty Thanh

Activities: Four years of basketball. Three years of softball. One year of track and field.

Future Plans: I’m going to Penn State for pre-med and pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor.

Fun Fact About Yourself: Growing up speaking two languages, then I moved to the U.S. and had to learn English. I end up speaking three languages.

Favorite Quote: “If you want CRAPPY things to stop happening to you, then stop accepting crap and start DEMANDING more” -Cristina Yang, Grey’s anatomy

Thoughts on your social distanced senior year: It sucks because I really looked forward to my senior year and hoped it would be great. A lot of my friends are doing remote learning so I don’t see them much. All the dances were canceled which means I didn’t get to go to any of them.

Advice to upcoming Seniors: It’s never too late to try something new. Go to all the dances especially PROM.

Shout Outs & Thank You’s: I want to thank my parents for the decision of moving to America. I would like to thank all my friends for being a part of my memories. I also want to thank coach Kezmarsky, coach Sevcik and my basketball team for giving me a chance to play my favorite sport. Shout out to Mrs. Sichi, Mr. Knee, Mrs. Kriebel, Mrs. Caruso, Mr. Piccolomini, Mr. Scott and many more teachers that made my four years of high school much better.


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