Senior Superlatives

The senior class of 2020 voted for this year’s superlatives and these are the results.

Best Eyes
Bailey Johnson & Theron Chiado
Best Dressed
Sarah Maldovan & Alex Eitner
Best Smile
Bailey Johnson & Torry Robinson
Best Car
Riley Miller & Alex Eitner
Best Personality
Jesslyn Daniels & Theron Chiado
Mya Murray & Joey Pindrock
Stephanie Polando & Jared Peck
Worst Case of Senioritis
Jade Campbell & Cam Walton
Worst Potty Mouth
Cheyenne Palmer & Jake Shiley
Most Likely to Succeed
Alyssa Holt & Andrew Schoener
Most Likely to Stay Friends
Abby White & Emily Parker & Jake Metts & Chris Cope
Most Musically Talented
Riley Miller & Cooper Waligura
Most Artistic
Jade Campbell & Walker Witt
Class Clown
Liz Holland & Jake Shiley
Teacher’s Pet
Ashlyn Barcheck & Noah Trimmer
Most Athletic
Mya Murray & Billy Deshields
Most School Spirit
MJ Swaney & Jake Shiley
Most Changed
Kaitlyn Adams & Pablo Amador-Boyd


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