Senior Superlatives

The wait is over and the votes for senior superlatives of 2013 are counted! For many years the publications class at Uniontown High School has published senior superlatives in the yearbook, making it a tradition. People are curious as to who is the best of the best. As you may have noticed there are a lot more categories than before, 30 this year. Enjoy!

Most Attractive:  Sydnie Kovacs, John Piccolomini

Best Dressed:  Alex Piccolomini, John Piccolomini

Best Physique:  Micah Martin, Dj Stash

Life of the Party:  Jordan Connor, Josh Nelson

Tallest:  Jessy Madison, Drew Zinck

Shortest:  Hope Jordan, Patrick Kenes

Best Personality:  Holly Humbertson, Monte Piccolomini

Best Smile:  Mahogany Johnson, James Rabon

Best Eyes:  Brandi Tesauro, Cody Karpiak

Most Flirtatious:  Jordyn King, Jucqui Taylor

Most Athletic:  Danasha Harris, Dreher Winfrey

Most Likely to Succeed:  Rachel Diamond, Bennet Clark

Most Dramatic:  Carly Carolla, Tyler Conaway

Most Outgoing:  Mahogany Johnson, Hunter Phelan

Most School Spirit:  Shelby Clingan, Tyler Conaway

Most Musical/Vocal:  Monica Ellington, Gerald Ellington

Worst Case of Senioritis:  Miranda Hager, Andrew Pirl

Best Car/Truck:  Tori Campbell, Dakota Stambaugh

Cutest Couple:  Carissa Kotyuha  and Vance Blount

Class Clown:  Lydya Dennis, Dreher Winfrey

Funniest:  Paige Davison, Jeff Schambach

Loudest: Bianca Tarpley, Kris Eilam

Most Artistic:  Natalie Szewczyk, Christian Bean

Biggest Cellphone Addict:  Haley King, Evan Rohaley

Biggest Social Network Addict:  Erica Thomas, Evan Rohaley

Teachers Pet:  Lauren Palmar, Marvin Mills

Most Sarcastic:  Courteny Hager, Christian Bean

Class Sleepyhead:  Jordan Connor, Timmy Mong

Always Late:  Jessica Lawson, Ryan Kegg

Flyest Kicks:  Lydya Dennis, Christian Kezmarsky

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