September 5, 2013 – DAY 8

Student Tickets for Friday nights’ football game against Albert Gallatin will be on sale Thursday & Friday during lunches, only.  Tickets may be purchased in rm 221 (across from coffee shop).  No tickets will be sold during class time.  Ticket costs:  $1 if purchased at school; $4 if purchased the night of the game.

Homecoming Dance:  This Saturday, September 14 at Mallard’s Landing in the Duck Hollow Golf Course. Tickets are $15 and include your DJ, pizza bar, nacho bar and soft drinks.  Anyone wishing to take a guest who is not a Uniontown student  MUST get a guest request form from the office.  This form must be completed before you can buy a ticket.  Tickets can be purchased during homerooms in the following rooms:  128, 309, or 516.  The last day to buy tickets is Wed, September 11th.

SAT:  The last day to register for the October 5th SAT is this Friday, Sept. 6.

Seniors:  Any senior who has at least a B average and participates in a sport can apply for the Wendy’s High School Heisman Award.  See Miss Marcinek by September 30 for details.

Seniors:  There is a scholarship available for a deserving African American high school senior with a GPA of at least 3.0.  See Miss Marcinek by October 14th if interested.

Europe Trip:   Student interested in going to Europe this winter, see Mrs. Gartley  or  Mr. Girod.  Deadline to sign up is this Saturday.

Students:  All students who drive to school must have a parking permit.  You must get a new one for this school year, even if you had one last year.  Applications are available in the office.

Class Shirt:  The following students need o see Miss Carbonara in rm 308 to pick up your class shirt:  Richelle Lukaesko, Justine Gillen, Maddie Bendishaw, Lauren Porterfield, Nate Edenfield, Kaycee David, Brady Guthrie, and Logan Knox.

Students & Teachers:  The PhoenixArtsCenter offers classes this fall in:  oil painting, ceramics, comic book art, basic ballet, and a production of Hamlet.  Check them out on Facebook or see Mrs. Gartley or Senor Girod for details.  Costs are low and scholarships are available.


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