She Writes by Symphani Bynum

She writes.

No this isn’t a new thing, she’s always been the one to bring things that the mind clings.

She might flash a smile at you if you’re lucky enough, how could she look so cold but be so warm to the touch?

She’s bright.

Her confidence seems flawless to the core & now I’m a fan, everything she does leaves you wanting more.

Adorn is her presence, the essence in the scent of her perfume lingers with a dreamful resonance..I’m on 10.

I don’t know what it is about her but I think I’m attached, each time I try to turn away I come running right back.

I think that I should go to rehab for her honestly, she told me that I’m just like her…ironically.

She’s right.

I am just like her, in fact I am her. Words formed in third person for purposes only I know.

Say it ain’t so.

By: Symphani Bynum

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