Shooting for the Future

With basketball season in, everyone is wondering about what is on the players’ minds. Here is a look at their opinions to frequently asked questions.

How was last season?

Christian Kezmarsky says: “We are a lot better this year. Last year we were closer as a team but we are defiantly better this year than last.”

Last season was a blast for them and they see their weaknesses but they cover it with the strengths they have now.

How hard do you practice to stay in the game?

Dreher Winfry says: “It is a continuous practice. You can’t slack or you’ll lose yourself. You have t0 keep practicing to get better and stay where you are now”.

The start of practice for this year began as soon as last season ended.

What are your goals as a team for this season?

Kezmarsky says: “The main goal is to hit the top but we still have realistic goals to look at such as winning the first games. These goals always come first before the main goal.”

The team has their goals but they know their priorities. They also know what they want and they have to work hard to get there.

People don’t get excited over basketball like they do for football. What is your response to that?

Kezmarsky says: “What makes me mad is the team is always there for them. I just wish it was the same the other way around.”

As you can see, the minds of the basketball team is both focused and stressed, as they get ready to do their best this season.


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