Shortened Quarantine Period

With new research being discovered about COVID-19 the CDC’s guidelines are constantly being adjusted to fit the new findings. Originally the CDC recommended that a person showing symptoms should quarantine for 14 days before resuming regular activity. Now they have shortened that time down to just 10. And even lower if you have come in contact with a person but test negative, with a quarantine of just 7 days, half of the original quarantine time.

New research shows that most infectious people showed symptoms between 4 to 5 days after exposure. COVID-19 is in full storm currently, with 13.5 million Americans being infected with the disease. The death count is also slowly rising with at least 270,000 people dead from the disease. Without a vaccine, their is no absolute way to protect yourself from the disease but you can take extra precautions to decrease your chances of catching the disease.

Wear your mask, wash your hands regularly, and social distance yourself from others. There are many more steps you can take to keep yourself and others as safe as possible. Make sure to stay home as much as possible and only go out when needed. Nobody is immune to COVID-19 but we can make an effort to make our chances of getting it as minimal as possible, these are scary times but we can get through this as long we follow the CDC guidelines and keep ourselves informed on the issue.

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