Should 2022 Seniors Have a Senior Sunrise?

Many of the students at UHS want to have a Senior Sunrise. A Senior Sunrise is when all of the seniors get together one morning and watch the sunrise together, while having blankets, coffee, and breakfast. We think it would be a fun and rememberable experience. The class of 2022 at many high schools have held a senior sunrise, and we think that UHS class of 2022 should do the same.

The class of 2022 would most definitely love and appreciate to have a senior sunrise. We asked some of the seniors why they want to have a senior sunrise and here are their responses.

“I would love to have a Senior Sunrise because as a whole class, we all aren’t going to be doing the same thing. So it would be nice for our entire class to be able to do something together before our last year of high school is over.” – Student Response

“We start and finish together, and I think it would be a nice reminder of this being our last year with everyone in our class, and we need to make it count” – Student Response

“I really think we should have a Senior Sunrise because it would be extremely memorable, and it would be a fun experience. Just to have everyone together and spend such a short period of time together: and it becoming one of our best memories, would be an amazing thing. It’s crazy to think that something so small like this would turn out to be something so big in our lives.” – Student Response

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