Should Masks In School be Mandatory?

Someone started a petition for people to sign if they think that everyone should have the option of not wearing or wearing a mask in PA schools. Here at UHS, a lot of the students have signed, and agree with the petition. Many students feel that it should be an individuals choice if they would prefer to or not prefer to wear a mask.

There is a good amount of people who support My Body My Choice about the mask situation. If someone feels the need or wants to wear a mask (for whatever their reason may be) then they should be allowed to, but if a student doesn’t want to or feel the need to wear a mask then they don’t have to. That is how UHS is currently handling the COVID-19 mask situation for starting the 2021-2022 school year.

Personally, I feel that the only time that wearing the masks should be mandatory is when/if a school were to have a COVID outbreak. If a student were to end up getting the virus, then they should quarantine and then have the other students wear masks while at school for a few days just to be safe. I think that the school district is handling things well by allowing students to have the choice. Us, students, just want to have a somewhat normal high school experience, especially the seniors. We all went through such an abrupt change, and we adjusted to it, but we are still kids and we’d like to try to have the most normal high school experience we can get while COVID-19 is happening. I am glad that Uniontown is allowing us to have the choice, and so far they are planning to have the school dances, which is great and most students are grateful and excited for. We are starting to see a somewhat normal high school experience again.

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