Should the Uniontown Soccer Teams go Coed?

This question has been in the air for a while now and there are many different answers and reasons to it. I asked a couple people players from both the girls and boys team to get their opinions. The players I asked are Dalton Grimes, Sam Fitzpatrick, Casey Fijalkovic, and Jorja Holes. They all gave great answers and reasoning behind their answers.

Dalton’s answer to the question was,” No, because we are able to play as a boys and girls team and it’s more beneficial in the future if you want to play in college because teams are most likely not coed.” Sam answered,” No, because if we do make it a thing then the girls will have to go against boys and that is not fair. I know that the boys won’t hold back and the girls will end up getting hurt, plus a lot of people will be mad about playing time with 30 people on the team.”

Casey’s answer to the question was,” No, because it will be unfair to the girls on the team since the boys will get more playing time and the girls will be neglected.” Jorja responded with,” Yes, because when each team plays individually then they play bad, but if we can combine the strengths of each team and play together we could possibly win games since we will have a solid starting 11 on the field.”

We are hopeful that the middle school programs can continue to recruit and develop players and that the Uniontown High School soccer teams can be more competitive in the near future.

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