Should You Start Looking for Colleges Now?

It’s around the time we should start looking for colleges. Most of us reading this are probably in high school. Senior year isn’t that far because your last four years of high school will go quicker than you think. If you decided that you are going to go to college then now is a good time to start.

If you start now then you would not have to worry about it in 12th grade and you wouldn’t have to rush to find one if you plan on going the fall after you graduate. In case you didn’t start thinking about it yet here are some local colleges that I have heard are really good:

  • California University of Pennsylvania (CalU)
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)
  • Penn State Fayette
  • Waynesburg University

There are some college ideas. You may or may not be interested but I gave you a start. You should figure out what you want to be then figure out a college that will teach your major the way you would understand it the best.

If you need help you can ask friends, family, family friends, teachers, etc. I’m sure anyone would be willing to help you out.

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