Shows to Binge During Quarantine/Summer Break

Productivity is important, but with all of this free time it is nearly impossible to keep busy. So in those times when you’ve got nothing to do, maybe consider watching one or all of these shows. I’m just basing these shows off of my own favorite shows so try to be aware that they might not interest everyone. You should be able to find all of these shows on Netflix.

1.) Death Note Death Note is a fairly popular anime. That’s right. It’s an anime, as will be most, if not all of the other shows I will list. Death Note, though, is a show about a college student named Light Yagami who finds a notebook that has the ability to exterminate anyone. All you have to do, is simply write the name of any person in this notebook and they will perish. As any normal person, Light did not believe this, but tried it out out of curiosity. The discovery of this notebook inspires Light to use it to become “the god of the new world” and that’s where the show really picks up. It’s vaguely graphic and is mostly about the intricacy and complex situations Light must go through to successfully “cleanse the world” without being caught.

2.) Black Butler Black Butler is another anime about a 12 year old boy, Ciel Phantomhive, in England during the 1800’s whom essentially works as the Queen’s dog. Really, he just solves mysteries for her, therefore terminating any threats that might be of hers. Ciel has a demon butler, Sebastian, go through the show solving these mysteries while trying to discover what happened to Ciel’s parents.The two made a deal at the beginning of the show that, once they find out who murdered Ciel’s parent, Sebastian would get to consume Ciel’s soul. The seal on the deal is in Ciel’s left eye.

3.) Haikyuu This show is essentially about this short boy, Shōyō Hinata , who wants to be a blocker in volleyball, just like his famous idol The Little Giant. Blockers are normally supposed to be really tall, but Hinata is very short which gives him a major disadvantage. Hinata, however, is very skilled when it comes to jumping. As in, he can jump up to about 5 feet in the air, maybe even higher. He becomes a Middle Blocker when he gets to high school, and becomes part of one of the best duos in their league with his ex rival, Kageyama. The rest of the show is about Hinata and his team working their backs off to reach the finals in a major Volleyball tournament.

4.) Ouran High School Host Club This is going to be my last listed show. It’s about a girl, Haruhi Fujioka, whom is enrolled into a rich private school on a scholarship. Her hair had recently been cut short and she had been given a male uniform so, naturally, people assume shes a boy. She, being lost in the new school, stumbles into a room she assumes is a library, only to accidentally break a largely expensive vase. This vase belonged to the schools Male Host Club, a group of rich young men whom spend time with other rich female students in exchange for money. The club members slowly realize throughout the first episode that Haruhi is, in fact, a female, and the rest of the show is spent with the club members hiding Haruhi’s true gender as she works as a member of the host club to pay off her debt on the vase. Though, throughout the show a delicate romance is slowly formed.

Those were all very basic summaries of each of the shows. I highly recommend you them, though its not necessary you watch them. They are shows that I prefer, though i know they’re not for everyone. They’re just very intriguing shows that, i believe, keep you on the edge of your seat and thoroughly entertained.

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