Similarities And Differences of Online and In Person Education

COVID-19 as we know is effecting everyone’s education whether it be online , regular, or even the hybrid form of school. Although some of these forms of school are very different, they are also very similar at the same time. Some people prefer online school because it’s safer and less risk of spreading COVID-19. However, in person education is where most students learn best and what we are accustomed to.

There are many ways that in class and online school are very different. In class learning is believed by many people to be more effective for students learning. Seeing the teacher and interacting with them face to face is something that people cannot do over a video call. In online school most of the assignments are turned in over the internet so the assignments may malfunction and don’t get turned in. In a classroom you just give the written paper to the teacher and you’re done. In person you can do types of group work and interactions with classmates and teachers. Online school is more of the teacher speaking to the group and not getting one on one time with the student.

Although there are many many differences between in class education and online learning there are still several similarities between them. Starting out in the morning we all have live classes that we have to be in between a certain time frame just like in school. This nine weeks will not be an easy pass or fail grade, we are actually getting graded on the work we do like a regular nine weeks in school. Whether you like school in a regular class room or over a video call it’s more of your opinion what you determine to be the better education.

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