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The Uniontown High School Soccer team has had several trials over the past few years. The team was in jeopardy with a small amount of players and not have enough to field a team. There are currently fourteen students on the team with eleven players on the field at one time. The remaining players are used as substitutions. Playing an eighty minute game can be quite rough with only three substitutions, as apposed to some teams who have up to fifteen or twenty substitutes. Although the team is not gifted with quantity of players, the team is gifted with heart and dedication to the sport. They all love the game, and are simply happy to be out there playing.

Over the past five seasons, the team has had five different coaches. “A new coach every year honestly just isn’t good for the team” says fellow player, James Rabon. I am sure many people can agree with that as well. Thanks to the current coach, Ed Yauger, who has taken the head coaching job so the program can stay intact. The team has had a few games already this season and has been showing great improvement each game. They recently had their first win of the season versus Brownsville. This could be a very productive year based on the loyalty from the coach and by the effort of the players.


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