Softball Slang

Last years Uniontown High School Softball Team came up with a bunch of softball sayings or quotes to cheer everyone up during games, and to have more fun. Most of them are funny. But usually our team is the only people who laugh because we have stories behind each quote. We still like to have fun, even know we are being serious in a game.

Some of the quotes are “FENCE, don’t judge me, I GOT IT….. WAIT wait nevermind no I don’t, You gonna get that?, Is he looking at me, I think he is looking at me, Did you see that, BLUEE, true two, and make that play ladies”.  That is only some of them we have a lot more. You are probably thinking that these don’t make sense to you but they do to us only because we have funny stories behind them. If we didn’t, then they would mean nothing to us to and they wouldn’t be funny at all. Our new coaches this year don’t know what any of them mean, so it is really funny when we say them in front of them because they don’t know what to say.

Now that you see we have fun maybe you can come out to a game and enjoy the fun with us.


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