Menallen Students Learn Spanish

Recently, we got the opportunity to follow Andrew Schoener on his journey to teach Spanish to kids without Spanish classes. Andrew, a UHS junior, has been teaching Spanish at the Menallen elementary school for his senior project. He started last November and has since been going out to Menallen elementary every Tuesday to teach kids grades 3 through 6 the essentials of the Spanish language as well as other Spanish related activities.

One thing the kids particularly enjoy are word searches and speaking activities where the kids have discussions between each-other in Spanish. The kids seem to love learning a new language as well, and they love to learn how to talk to each-other in a different language. They’re very enthusiastic and are respectful, and they greatly appreciate Andrews sessions. Andrew will be doing this for the rest of the school-year and more than likely next year as well. He also plans to recruit fellow students to also teach Spanish with him and eventually without him as he graduates. The Spanish club has been doing a very good job in their effort to teach the kids Spanish, and they’ve actually donated some of their own books for the kids to have. One thing is for certain, Andrew has and will make a positive impact on the students of Menallen elementary school.

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