Spanish Club Visits Carnegie Museum

On Friday, April 22, the Spanish Club went on a field trip to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. They left in the morning and came back at the end of the school day. While they were there, they learned about different types of art, Native American culture, ancient Egyptians, and fossils from dinosaurs. We asked a few students about their experience on the field trip and this is what they had to say.

When asked what section of the museum was her favorite, Avery Anderson says, “My favorite section was the impressionism art because it spoke to me, making me feel happy and giving me a sense of comfort.” Next, we asked Giana Piccolomini what the most memorable thing was that she learned on the trip. She responded, “I liked the paintings from the 1700’s-1800’s because I found the abilities and techniques of the artists fascinating, especially considering how they had such little resources and tools.”

Sounds like the Spanish Club was a fan of the art section! On the way home, they were even able to stop at Chipotle and get some food. Overall, the field trip to Carnegie Museum was a success and they would recommend the experience to everyone!

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