Spirit Week

To celebrate Prom week May 9 – May 13 will be prom spirit week! We do this every year to hopefully get students excited for prom and the end of the school year. The themes for the week have everyone excited and eager to participate!

Monday 5/9 – Country vs. Country Club. Pick a side and wear your cowboy hats and polos!

Tuesday 5/10 – BBQ Dads vs. Soccer Moms. Show up in your best on-the-run parent outfit!

Wednesday 5/11 – Anything But a Backpack. Bring your books and iPad using anything except a backpack! The only rules are nothing dangerous or living.

Thursday 5/12 – Greasers vs. Surfers. If you were in “Teen Beach Movie”, which side would you be on?

Friday 5/13 – White Lie Day. Write your best white lie on a white t-shirt!

We hope to see everyone show raider pride by participating! For seniors, it is their last spirit week until they graduate, so let’s try to make it one of the best!

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