Sports Around The World Are Being Canceled

Everyone knows about the Coronavirus that has taken the world by storm. Cities are closing and schools are starting to do the same. Even the sport world has been affected on March 11th the National Basketball Association canceled the rest of the season until further notice because of a Utah Jazz player testing positive for the virus. Rudy Gobert tested positive and his team mate Donovan Mitchel has also tested positive and something like this could ruin a team and their chance to win. The players report to be fine but who knows what could happen in the up coming days.

Major League Baseball has postponed the start of their season and has ended all spring training. They have moved back opening day by two weeks as of now but it could end up being even longer. There has been no positive tests yet but they don’t want to take any chances. The National Hockey League has suspended their season, Commissioner Brettman says he wants to resume the season as soon as it is appropriate and everyone can be sure of their safety. Most players around these leagues have agreed with the cancellations or suspensions to the season due to safety reasons.

Also in Europe, soccer clubs were playing games without any fans in the arena. The United European Football Assocation has suspended their games and has not released a date or a time frame for when the games will take place. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has canceled the rest of their season and has moved back the March Madness Tournament. And lots of college players didn’t like this decision because it’s a once in a lifetime chance to play in the tournament and some players might not be able to now.


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