Spring Sports!

Now that winters over it’s about time for spring sports to start. Most spring sports are soccer, softball, lacrosse, track, golf, swimming, and baseball (https://www.piaa.org/sports/default.aspx?season=spring). Sports are a good way to exercise and stay healthy. They are also a good way to increase competitiveness. They can even be used as a form of entertainment if you love watching sports.

Sports are obviously very healthy for you. They are better for you in more ways than one. They provide the amount of exercise your body needs. They also help you make good choices. As well as some hidden benefits like lowering the chance of getting cancer and osteoporosis. https://www.muhealth.org/conditions-treatments/pediatrics/adolescent-medicine/benefits-of-sports

Sports are also a good form of entertainment whether it’s watching it for fun or seriously. ( https://sportsshow.net/top-10-most-popular-sports-in-the-world/ ). The most popular sports have over a billion fans watching and enjoying them. Watching sports can also harm people. Friends could turn not so friendly after their team loses and the others win. They can also increase blood pressure if you take sports too seriously.

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