Staying Motivated At The End Of The Year

Once the weather starts to heat up and the amount of days left are 20 or below, students are ready to be done. It is safe to say everyone is a little stressed at this time of year and just want it to be over. Refrain from letting your anticipation of summer and sleeping in obstruct you from meeting your aspirations. Try to keep the same work ethic you had at the beginning of the school year. It’s hard, but you have the willpower in you!

Once you reach this period in school, you have to remember and constantly remind yourself of your goals and the bigger picture. Staying on top of your grades makes your future brighter, especially if you are considering college. Remind yourself of the GPA you want to attain and the grades you want to see on your report card. Ask questions when you don’t understand something. Don’t give up and risk getting a lower grade when you are capable of getting a higher grade.

With this time of school year, kids tend to sleep in more and miss more days. Everyone knows the end is tiresome, but it’s key to be present in class. It is important to attend so that you do not miss the last few lessons. Once you start skipping, it becomes a common thing and that is not good! I’m sure you have heard to get enough sleep and are sick of it, but it’s very true. When you feel good, you do good. Being tired makes you less attentive, which can make you miss key information.

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