Staying Motivated at the End of the Year

As we are nearing the end of the school year, it can be hard to stay on top of your school work. A lot of students experience burn-out around this time, whether it’s sports, your job, or just end of the year excitement. Though it is definitely challenging to stay focused, there are always ways to keep yourself motivated and productive. Here are some tips and tricks:

Set goals for yourself. If you struggle with finding the motivation to do your homework at the end of the day, try setting an alarm on your phone for the same time every day and do your work then. When you get into the habit of doing something at the same time every day, it becomes a routine rather than a chore. This is also helpful if you participate in a sport or extracurricular activity. Try doing your homework right after practice every day and then you will have time to do other things afterwards.

As teenagers, we spend a lot of time on our phones. Whether it’s texting our friends or scrolling through Tik Tok, it can be time consuming. It may be difficult to stay off your phone when you’re doing homework or studying for a test. A good way to avoid the temptation of screen time is to turn your phone off and put it in another room. That way, it won’t be right by your face while you’re trying to work. You can also go in the settings of your phone and put a screen time limit on. This allows you to choose how many hours you want to spend on your phone each day.

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