Steelers 3rd loss

Just 3 weeks ago the Pittsburgh Steelers were 11-0 and they were the top team to beat. They have played there 12th game against the Washington football team that was 4-7. When they played them they had suffered there first loss to the Washington football team with the score of 23-17. The Steelers played the buffalo bills Sunday 12/13 of December and also suffered a 2nd loss and gave the Steelers the record of 11-2 and the score that the bills game was 26-15.

Monday night the Steelers previously played the Cincinnati bagels record of 2-10-1. They were currently on a 5 losing streak and they are on last in the AFC North. Until they played the 2nd team in the NFL the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have also defeated the Steelers 27-17 putting the Steelers 4th in the league of the NFL.

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