Steelers Suffer Tough Loss

The Steelers played the Las Vegas Raiders last Sunday and lost 26 – 17. Going into the game our defense already had two injuries in Joe Haden our starting cornerback and Devin Bush, then we lost TJ Watt and Tyson Alonou. During basically the whole game we struggled on offence and defense but we had a chance into the half.

Ben and the offence still doesn’t look good and Harris did better than last week but still could of been better and same goes with the o-line. Also during the game Ben suffered a chest injury but continued to play until the end of the game when he probably should of just sat out. Most of the starters should be back by next week.

Next week we play the Bengals who haven’t been playing that good and we can definitely beat them if we have our starters back. Coach Tomlin said that Ben might not be able to play which would be very bad because our backups are not good and if one of them end up playing we will probably lose to Burrow and the Bengals.

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