Student of the Week: Dominic Scott

Q: What grade are you in?
A: “I am a sophomore.”

Q: What activities are you involved in at UHS?
A: Class president, cross country, track, academic team, honor roll, drama club, and bible study.

Q: How has reaching out of your comfort zone effected you this year?
A: “I think trying to put yourself out there is important. Trying new things can only potentially make you a better person, even if something doesn’t work out.”

Q: What goals do you wish to accomplish for your last upcoming years in high school?
A: “I wish to continue and progress in both track and cross country. I also wish to continue in drama club and just to enjoy high school and everything it has to offer to the highest capacity.”

Q: What is your roll/purpose in bible study?
A: “Just the same as everyone else involved. I’ll occasionally lead alongside other students. We all like to take turns.”

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