Student Of The Week: Vincent Cossell

Q. What are your opinions on High School?
A. Highschool has it pros and cons, unique to everybody. There are many amazing opportunities to take advantaged of ( if you know what you’re doing), friendships to make, experiences to go through, In summary, it is a learning experience .

Q. What is your favorite school subject and why?
A. My favorite subject in high-school is science, or science related classes. I have always had a passion for science, for broadening my interest in the world.

Q. What year was your best and why?
A. I would say my freshman year was the best, mainly because the pandemic was not taking an effort on my mental, social and personal health, and because I was in a pretty decent relationship at the time.

Q. If you could redo anything in High School what would it be?
A. This question is pretty hard. Firstly, I don’t like changing my past, my mistakes don’t define me, but at the same time they are experiences. Secondly, I have a few regrets. I could’ve gone to a few more dances or I could have been a bit more extroverted.

Q. Advice you would like the up-and-coming freshmen to know?
A. Some advice I would give to up-and-coming freshman would be to stay committed, take care of yourself and be yourself! No matter what anybody tells you. Never be afraid of adversity, embrace it.

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