Student Spotlight: Claudia Machesky

Q: What is your favorite class & why?

A: My favorite class would have to be marching band. Even though I’m in that class on Thursdays & Fridays, since I’m a Vo-Tech student but I’m also in marching band. I’m only there for those two days. But, it gives me a break, I’m doing what I love most, dancing & listening to the band play. I have so much fun in marching band with my friends!

Q: Do you have a favorite sport? If so, what is it & why?

A: My favorite sport is soccer. Although I do other activities & competitive dancing, Raiderettes, & track and field, which are not really classified as sports, I’ve always had a place for soccer. I’m actually a soccer player for the girls team.

Q: What is your favorite holiday & why?

A: Christmas. I love spending time with my family & eating lots of delicious foods! I personally dont like it for the presents.

Q: Do you have a favorite day of the week?

A: Yes, it would probably be Thursdays. Its my days off unless I’m playing soccer, dancing, or at my job.

Q: Who motivates you & what do they motivate you to do?

A: My sister is my motivation. She pushes me to do my best just how she did. She also always makes sure I’m always going on the right path and doing good.

Q: Favorite teacher & why?

A: Mr. Wilson, he is very funny & I think of him as my friend, honestly a bestfriend. He is very bubbly & he can always cheer you up even if you like to annoy him a lot, like we do I’m marching band.

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