Senior Spotlight: Jordan Hoover

Activities: Softball, volleyball, swim, track, one acts, and student council.

Favorite memory of high school? “My freshmen year when I did the dodge ball tournament before Christmas break.”

If you could change anything about your high school, what would it be? “It would definitely be not going through COVID, that messed up everything. Not just for me but for everyone.”

Fun facts about you? “I’ve played softball since I was 5, I’m going to Seton Hill to play softball and major in business.”

Future plans: “I plan to get a degree in business and a secondary in early childhood development.”

Shout outs and thank yous: “My parents for everything they have done for me!”

Advice for under classmen: “Don’t be defiant just listen, don’t talk back and just do your work, in the end its all worth it!”

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