Student Spotlight: Jordan Hoover

Q: What grade are you currently in?

A: 12th

Q: If you could switch minds with anyone or anything who or what would it be?

A: I think I would switch minds with a animal because I want to know what goes on inside their heads.

Q: What do you want to do when you get out of high school?

A: I plan on going to Seton Hill University to play softball, and get a degree in business and early childhood development to open my own daycare or preschool.

Q: Do you think mask should be worn at all times during school or should it be optional?

A: I feel that it should be optional but if you happen to be around someone who has it then you have to suffer the consequences. Like not being able to go to school or go to school functions like dances.

Q: Favorite sport?

A: Softball

Q: Do you have a favorite day of the week? If so, what day & why?

A: Friday for sure because its Friday and its the beginning of the weekend.

Q: Favorite holiday & why?

A:Christmas because it brings everyone together and you get gifts for everyone and its fun and festive.

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