Student Tattoos

People have many opinions on tattoos an weather you should get them or not. Not only getting one in general but getting them when you are young. Some think you might regret a tattoo you get at a young age, but several students at Uniontown Area High school have tattoos. I asked students with tattoos some questions to better help people understand why individuals might get this form of art permanently added to their bodies.

Q: What is your favorite tattoo you have?

A: “My sister Jaxis memorial tattoo”

Q:How many tattoos do you have?

A: “Nine”

What age did you get your first tattoo?

A: ” I think 14, it was freshman year.”

Do you plan on getting more in the future?

A: “Yes, i want sleeves.”

On a scale from 1-10 with 1 not hurting and 10 being the worst pain, how bad would you say a tattoo hurts to get?

A: “Probably a six”

Would you recommend getting one?

A: “Yeah i guess”

Do you regret any tattoos you have?

A: “Eh not really”

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