Student’s Favorite Movies

A person’s favorite movie can say a lot about who they are and what they like, so I decided to ask a few student’s what their favorite movies were and why they enjoyed this particular movie so much. They gave a wide variety of responses from horror to comedy and had certain aspects of the films they valued the most.

Student 1– “Paper Towns, because I loved the book by John Green and I enjoy the story a lot.”

Student 2– “Deadpool, because it’s funny.” She also approves of the sequels.

Student 3– “Titanic, because it’s cute and I’m in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, I want to marry him.”

Student 4– “Napoleon Dynamite, it’s relatable but still humorous.”

Student 5– “I, Tonya, because I like that it’s so dramatic, but it’s still based on a true story.”

Student 6– “Peter Pan or Casper, I just love them, they’re cute.”

Student 7Monkey Bone, it’s basically off-brand Beetlejuice and it’s really funny.”

Student 8– “The Witch because of the cinematography, or The Truman Show because the plot is really cool.”

Student 9– “Hacksaw Ridge. It’s based on a true story from WWII and it’s about this guy, Doss, who saved over 50 men single-handedly without once killing a man, both Japanese and American. It’s super inspiring to me, and the writers depicted it really well on screen.”

Student 10– “Amelie, it’s visually a beautiful movie and I love the main character and the story so much.”

Student 11– “Mary and the Witch’s Flower, because it’s about a little girl who’s a witch.”

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