Students Favorite Songs

Many people really enjoy listening to music, and normally a lot of people have one certain song that stands out to them more than others, usually there being a reason behind it. So we wanted to see some of the students’ favorite songs and their reasons why.

Student 1’s Favorite Song Is: Blame It On The Stars by Andy Grammer because it is catchy and calming at the same time.

Student 2’s Favorite Song Is: Mariners Apartment Complex by Lana Del Rey because it makes me feel like I’m on a boat and it just makes you want to sing and dance.

Student 3’s Favorite Song Is: Suffocate by Hayd because I understand what he is singing about because I’ve been where he has been in life.

Student 4’s Favorite Song Is: Big Mouth by Rubi Rose because it makes me feel good, and when I’m mad I just vibe to it.

Student 5’s Favorite Song Is: All Over Again by Zachary Kale because it’s a very upbeat song and it makes me feel very happy. The song also reminds me of a very important person in my life.

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