Students Visit Cal U

Have you ever been on a college campus before? On Tuesday, April 11th, students got to take a field trip to the University of California. Since Cal U isn’t far away from our school, it made this trip easy for the students to attend during the school day. The school was very open to all the students and were willing to answer any of their questions.

When the students first got there, they were brought to a room where they were shown a presentation. The presentation explained a lot of different subjects that the students may have been interested in. It talked about the different careers that they could help you with and guide you. An example could be the different kinds of engineering, such as electrical engineering.

The whole thing was set up well and students were able to have a good amount of free time afterwards. Students got to walk around the campus to see all the different areas where they would be working at. After walking around for a while, some students even got to pass football before leaving. Students got free fast food after this then returned back to the school. Altogether, I believe that these visits help and influence some students to make a good college decision.

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