Subnautica Game Review

Subnautica is a opened world survival video game released on December 16 2014, made by Unknown Worlds. In the game players are free to explore the ocean of the alien planet known as planet 4546B. The story is that a spaceship named the Aurora crash landed on the alien planet that is mostly underwater and your goal is to explore, survive and get off the planet. While you explore you will find hundreds of fish, species, items, biomes, places to explore and back stories to the planet and it’s history. The game is a one player first person video game that has amazing views to some of the biomes and great mechanics.

In the game you have tons of activities, places, and things to do and build, and things to learn in the game to help you survive . You can go exploring the ocean to see some o the amazing things in Subnautica like the fish, biomes, and old structures in the game. You also have the ability to craft things like bases, vehicles, and many other things to help you survive. When you’re building a base you can make it anyway you want, you can make it as big as you want, you can build one anywhere in the game, and you can design and decorate it anyway you want. When you explore you can go see and visit some of the places like the islands, whats left of the Aurora and parts of the ship scattered around the map, Alien bases, and even explore caves and go deeper down.

Subnautica is filled with tons of interesting sea life and creatures you can interact with. One of the most famous and the cutest is the Cuddlefish that you can have as a pet. You can have other fish as pets too and you can also build an aquarium in your base for them and keep some other fish in there too. Their are hundreds of fish in Subnautica that are very friendly and harmless and they can even help you sometimes. However their are fish that are very aggressive and dangerous to you like the Reaper Leviathan, but don’t worry you can kill the Leviathans so you don’t have to worry about them but the do respawn.

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