Super Bowl 56

Super Bowl 56 was held on Sunday, February 13th and a new champion has been crowned with the Rams pulling away with the 23-20 win in their home stadium. The LA Rams came out hot on their first drive with a quick scoring drive ending with a connection with the 34 year old quarterback. Matthew Stafford connected with the former Giants and Browns player Odell Beckham Jr. for the first points of the game. The game would seem to blow by as we approached the second quarter still standing at a 7-0 game when the Bengals would make an outstanding drive. The Rams defense showed their true strength making the Bengals settle for a field goal making the score 7-3 with the Rams leading walking into the second quarter.

The second quarter was lack luster but did have a few scores in it with Matthew Stafford making another connection this time with Cooper Cuff who would end up getting game MVP. The Bengals would also strike this quarter on their next drive they would force the ball into the end zone as a response to the Rams previous drive. As we went into half where critics say “this was the best “performance in years.” This half time show featured Rap stars Such as M&M, Dr.Dre, Snoop D, 50 Cent and a few other large names in the rap and hip hop music industry.

The third quarter came along soon after the end of the show this is when we would start to see how close this game was about to be. This quarter would start slow but pick up fast as we saw time after time again the Bengals offensive line collapsed many times under two seconds leaving Joe Burrow helpless in the pocket. The total number of sacks at the end of the game was seven on Joe Burrow and only two on Mathew Stafford. This quarter had Tee Higgins scoring a 75 yard passing touchdown after connecting with Joe Burrow on a flag route. They would quickly get the ball back from the Rams driving it down one more time to score a 34 yard field goal. In the final moments the Rams would drive down one more time and kick a 41 yard field goal in response making the score 20-16 with Cincinnati leading as we went into the final quarter.

The fourth and final quarter of the Super Bowl was the slowest quarter yet as there was no scores in the first fourteen minutes even though both teams drove the ball at least two times each. Neither was successful in scoring until Mathew Stafford would make a drive down the field in his last attempt to over take the Bengals and bring home the Lombardi Trophy. This drive was a total of fifteen plays with a lot of penalties mostly on the defense which would be a large contributing factor to this drive. In the end Mathew Stafford would make a one yard pass to Cooper Kupp giving the Rams the lead of 23-20 with only a 1:25 left in the game. The Bangles would drive down the field to about the mid point when on a attempted fourth down conversion the pocket would crumble. In a final effort of desperation Joe Burrow would make a pass while falling to the tight end who was in double coverage making him unable to catch the ball. This allowed the Rams to get the ball back on a turn over of downs where they would take a knee running the clock out making them your 2021-2022 NFL Super Bowl champion.

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