Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Game Review

Super smash brother’s is a multiplayer game where you pick a fighter and fight against your friends, family or someone online. There is a story mode called world of light where you can unlock all of the characters and fight against the final boss. There is 2 main bosses in the game one of them being the light of the world and one of them being the darkness. The roster has a plethora of characters from many different Nintendo games. Including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Kirby, and Samus.

There also characters from other games like street fighter and metal gear solid. They have Ryu, Ken, and Snake. There is also an online mode where you can fight other people. If you get enough wins you can rise up to elite smash. There are also many different downloadable characters in the game like joker from persona . And piranha plant from Mario games.

The game also has cloud from final fantasy 7. It has so many unique stages and so many things to collect like spirits which are used in the story mode and the stages also have many hazards that could take you out of the game very fast. And every character has their own finishing blow with the final smashes, they can either instantly knock your opponent out of the game or heal you for all your health. There are 74 playable characters and there all very fun to play. There are many games in the series this one is one of the best.

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