Taxes and the School Systems

Schools teach a plethora of subjects and provide a multitude of services. Some courses, like elective classes, are more practical and teach aspects of living. One of these necessary tasks is knowing how to file and pay taxes. The Internal Revenue Service collects taxes from the citizens of the United States. How can students be expected to file taxes and get right to paying them? Such a key skill in modern society, one would think there would be a program mandated by the Department of Education, on a federal level, to see that all know how to pay their taxes.

If you do not pay your taxes, you could be looking at a long time behind bars for any number of charges such as tax evasion or tax fraud. Even if you have someone else file your taxes, your responsible for it if they too mess up. Though some schools offer the Personal Finance course, it only teaches you to invest money and tax brackets rather than how to pay them yourself. It is a citizens duty to be informed, but is difficult to do the civic duties without the right education, which is why hiring financial professionals to teach students can be proposed.

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