Teacher Alter Egos

No, teachers aren’t robots who sleep at school during the night.  So what do they really do after school hours? Just like everyone else our UHS teachers have families, houses, other hobbies, and even have different jobs besides teaching. Everyone has their own unique thing they do in their down time.

  • Mrs. Buchanan teaches dance in Carmichael’s
  • Mr. Kaufman works in the Nemacolin golf course, he’s an empire for baseball, and an official for basketball.
  • Mr. Lion owns his very own gym called NLAD
  • Mr. Stevenson is a teacher where kids get counseling in juvenile detention.
  • Mr. Girod gives guitar lessons
  • Mr. Miller teaches at Seton Hill University. He is also an author.
  • Mr. Moscoloni works in renovation and painting.
  • Mr. Scott works in both the golf and hotel area at Nemacolin Woodlands.
  • Mr. Pavlovich does lawn care and construction.
  • Mrs. Gartley is on the board for Uniontown’s non profit arts fellowship. They are starting an art center called Phoenix.

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