Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s time to show how much you appreciate your teachers! Every year across the world, teacher’s are recognized for their hard work and dedication for students. This week, May 2 – May 6, students all over are supposed to show respect to their teachers because of all they do.

Out of all of our teachers at UHS, who is your favorite? Do they know they are your favorite? If not, now is your chance to show them! Even though I’m sure teachers would love a nice gift, just telling them how much you appreciate them would mean a lot. However, if you’re feeling extra, it wouldn’t hurt to buy flowers or chocolates or possibly even coffee for your teacher.

After asking students what teacher they appreciate most, it seems like there is more favoritism towards Mrs. Kriebel, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Stevenson. However, all of our teachers are somebody’s favorite.

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