Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Howarth

What do you teach and how long have you been at UHS?

“28 years at UHS”

What do you enjoy about teaching at UHS?

“The students, my interactions in class in class and through extra curricular activities.”

Where did you attend college and where else have you worked?

“Seton Hill University; career began at Lafayette worked at Jo Ann’s Hallmark.”

What are your reactions to the renovation?

“Long over due, The new ‘new look’  is great, it could have been less time consuming, better constructors.”

Do you have any advice for UHS students?

” You have to realize high school is a stepping stone to your future; what you do here does matter.”

What do you like to do on your spare time?

“Read, sew, and spend time with my family.”

What is your favorite website?

www.DisneyStore.com/ www.VeraBradly.com

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